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Final Project/Last Blog

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

For my final project I decided to pair up with Abby and standardize all the citations on the timeline.  This was a challenge for me since I have never excelled at footnotes or citations in general.  I considered this to be a great challenge that I would over come and I did.  I got encouragement along the way from Abby and I was grateful to have her as my partner.  We got tripped up at first on how we were going to do the citations, however after that hiccup we were well underway.  We choose the style of the citation standardization with Professor McClurken and then sat down and did visual sketches of each type of citation we could possibly come across.  This helped me immensely considering I am a visual learner by nature.  Once shown I can almost always pick it up.  Abby and I discussed things like putting image source and source in front of all citations where they were warranted to help visitors to our blog understand what they were individually.

I enjoyed this challenge and hope to carry this with me into the future.  The things that I can look forward to taking with me through my college career is the ability to be better at public speaking, knowing how to make a documentary, and better understanding the digital world around me and how it and I effect the future of our history for the better or worse.  I think my favorite assignment in the class would have to be the print ad.  I had great partners and we had some really good ideas.  It was fun to take this random topic and do what you see only in magazines.  It was highly challenging, but I felt as though it brought our group that much closer and bonded us through out the semester.

If I could give a word of advice to my peers coming to take this class.  Don’t think this will be easy.  There will be times when you want to pull you hair out and just scream cause you don’t know what you are doing.  However that’s where the fun begins.  This class is not an individual effort it’s a group effort.  Without one it’s not the same as having all.  And remember while it may be stressful, have fun with it.

And in the spirit of the holidays. Merry Christmas!

My Christmas in my apartment style dwellings.

Final Projects

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

So this week we discussed further on issues of how to make places like JSTOR and others free.  It was interesting to see that this is a worthy concept but in some ways impossible.  Realizing that while things like the internet archive has minimal help is just amazing.  And if we even need it.  It was interesting what we learned.