Documentary Finished Finally!

So the past few weeks in class have been interesting.  Leading discussions with Mike was awesome.  The conversations that were sparked and even built upon this past week was amazing.  Then we had the documentary and man was that difficult.  There were several occasions as editor of the video that I just wanted to throw up my hands and scream.  Nothing seemed to be working and everything just seemed to fail.  However I didn’t quit til I was past the finish line.  Doing a study on tutorials was an interesting choice for this documentary considering we used tutorials a lot to finish this documentary.  I think there were trying to times in our group when we had to redo things to make them work, but in the end we got them to work.

For me personally I think this was a good experience after having gone through it.  I wish that we all had had access to programs like Adobe Premier, but we didn’t (on our laptops).  This would have been nice to be able to take with us on our way home.  It looked like it was a lot of fun to create things in it, however Windows Movie Maker was a curve enough for some of us (like me).  I think the most challenging part I found was actually getting the thing to work and be able to reopen it and do what was needed.


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