Discussion Week

After all this talk of the Internet and various other things to do with the internet.  I found myself wondering what would the average college student do without the internet?  (The tragedy right?  We might actually have to enter the library once during our careers as undergrads)  Then it really hit home this week about the second Internet that was brought up last week (I believe).  The more secure internet driven for those in command who needed secrecy like that.  With the whole Gaddafi incident I wondered what would be the ramifications of a second Internet?  Would the common Americans feel as though this was another way for the government to hide things from them. I am an American who believes discloser to be a one sided affair with a semblance to a magic act.  Its all about how good the con artist truly is.  However with the video surfacing of Gaddafi being murdered by what looks to be a mob, I wondered how essential is our cell phones and their connection to the internet (and how brutal as a society that we can watch a video of Gaddafi sobbing for his life while he is beaten and then killed without blinking). Which then lead me to wondering in amazement at how far we have come since the advent of cells phone into the smartphone power houses we have now.

Also our print ad seems to be going really well.  There was a sense of community as we came together to do it.  Everyone got a say and a voice and we tried many different things.  I have to thank Anthony for his amazing work on our project.  It really came together well.  Now what we have to do is our sources and citations and we are good.  I really thought our group did well on this stressful project hahaha.


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