Codetalking and the Engima Machine

This week was interesting.  I like how we discussed the realities of the Native peoples and their call to service.  It was an interesting development between that and culture.  When you think back on American history you would rightly consider the hard feelings and the massive distrust between those of the native peoples and the government.   How hard must it have been to serve the government that had lied and taken everything from your peoples?  I certainly couldn’t have done it.

The Enigma exercise was certainly interesting.  It gave a true sense to what these people, code crackers, certainly faced.  Even if it was on a small scale it was truely hard.  I can only imagine with the system and machine they had how long and painstaking the process was.  All in all, great week. And to learn that they are thinking of creating another version of the internet.  Man.  That’s really cool.

Also my group met in class and we discussed kind of what we wanted to do during our meeting coming up soon.  Since I will  be unable to meet with them this time, we were able to throw out ideas and things that we wanted to highlight in this session.  A lot of good ideas were being thrown around and I look forward to hearing what they group has discussed.


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