This week has certainly been something else.  My parents went out of town and I thought my house was being broken into.  Turns out it was an animal outside.  Gah stopped my heart for a minute.  Of course the only thing I had to help in my defense was a book.  Lame.  Anyways, I was thinking about the advertisement conversation we had this week.  The cultural ramifications of advertisement are amazing.  If you look into Japanese anime, you distinctly see a vast majority of individuals that don’t look Japanese but if you ask any Japanese person they will claim that it is, just an over fabricated individual.  However advertisements on a smaller scale could be classified as anything.  In our relationships, especially more with parent to child you can see subtle advertisements that not only link our relationships, but our emotions as well.  This can be why advertisements have stories.  It is a way that we can recognize with not only a company but also subtly link this to our daily lives.  In that way advertisement could be considered subtle brainwashing.


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